Frequently Asked Holiday Questions

Have some questions? Allways Travel can help.

How can I book with Allways Travel?
You can call into our office on 28 Georges Street, Dublin 2, where we would be delighted to help you. Alternatively you can call us on 01 6728805, or email us at We accept bookings by phone or email by cash or credit card. Payments by card may incur a small charge.
Is my money protected with Allways Travel?
Absolutely, we are fully bonded according to the Commission for Aviation Regulation under license number TA 0388, so you will always be secure with Allways Travel.
Do I need to take out Travel Insurance?
Most definitely, we strongly recommend you have some form of insurance before you travel. This applies even if you have the European Health Card as this only covers you for Medical Emergencies and not the extras that you need.
How do I get my tickets?
Simple! All tickets are now electronic, so we can either post them to you, or you can collect them in the office or we can email them to you in a jiffy.
When do I have to pay my balance?
This will depend on how far in advance you book your holiday. Your balance will be due 10 weeks prior to departure or at the time of booking if it is within the 10 weeks. We do offer flexible payment plans if you require them.
What happens if I need to cancel my trip?
This is why your travel insurance is so important. If you have to cancel due to an insurable reason, you will be able to claim back your losses from the insurance company with the exception of the excess on the poliy. Tour Operators don’t offer a refund within 10 weeks of departures. Airlines have different rules according to the ticket you bought which will be explained at the time of booking and Hotels may not offer a refund either depending on the offer you booked.
Alternatively we can try and re-arrange new dates for you if suitable which may be subject to change fees and airline/hotel policies and rules. Cancellations and changes must be given in writing.
What is an ESTA Visa Waiver?
All Irish Passport Holders travelling to the USA must apply on-line for an ESTA Visa Waiver at the following website This must be applied for at least 72 hours prior to departure, but we recommend you apply well in advance in case there is any issues. Full details can be found at this website. You will be prevented from boarding any flight to the USA without it.
What is APIS?
Advance Passenger Information or APIS is required by certain governments and requires all airlines to collect this information from passengers in advance of travelling. The information required will be the full passport details, including your full name, date of birth, date of issue and expiry, nationality and place of birth. You may also need to provide the address whilst in the country of origin.
What information do I need to book a flight or holiday?
For any travel to any destination you must provide us with the name exactly as it appears on your passport. For certain destinations we will also require your full passport details including the passport number, dates of birth, dates of issue and dates of expiry and nationality. If you provide us with the wrong name at the time of booking, we cannot guarantee we will be able to change it. Some airlines will not accept name changes and some airlines will allow 1 name change but for a fee. So correct details is very important.
What age must I be to book a holiday?
The main person on the booking must be 18 years or older.
How early do I have to check-in for a flight?
Our recommendation is no later than 2 hours before a short-haul European flight and 3 hours before a long-haul flight.
What is my luggage allowance?
This is something that will differ from each airline. In most cases you will be allowed hand luggage only, which can be either 5kg, 7kg or 10kg depending on the airline. A lot of airlines are introducing checked luggage charges for weights of 15kg, 20kg and 25kg. Prices vary from each airline and also different times of the year from low to high season.
In circumstances where you are allowed checked luggage included in your fare, this can range from 20 or 23kg depending on the airline. We will discuss all options with you at the time of booking.
What can I carry in my hand luggage?
You may not take any sharp items in your hand luggage and all liquids and gels must be under 100ml each otherwise they will be confiscated by security. If you need to take a lot of medication we would advise you carry a letter from your GP confirming same. Baby food is permitted but you may be asked to sample it by security. Please refer to the following website which will provide you with all the relevant information regarding your hand luggage and security.
Can I reserve a seat on the flight?
Of course, but with most airlines they will apply a charge to pre-book a certain seat number. Cost varies according to the seat and the airline, but will start from as little as €5.00 each way. There are some airlines that will allow you to select a seat free of charge. The airline applies to right to change the seat if they deem it necessary.
What happens if I have a problem whilst abroad?
If you have any issues at all, please contact our office during office hours immediately so that we can help you with any problems. Alternatively you will be provided with a 24 hour emergency contact number with your hotel voucher. If you are on a Tour Operators package holiday you will have an in resort representative to contact. It is vital that you report any issues as it occurs in order to allow us rectify the situation, as it is impossible to do so when you return home.
Why has my flight time changed?
Unfortunately, certain issues by Airlines, and Tour Operators may result in a change to your flight times. This is set out in their terms and conditions and is completely outside of their control. It may the result of a change of airline or a change of airport time tables. It is not a very common occurrence but it is something to be aware of. Should this happen to you, there will be options made available to you if you are unable to accept the new times. In extreme cases your flight may be cancelled due to a number of unforeseen circumstances, and if you fall victim to this you will be offered an alternative option or a full refund.
If you find any issues with your holiday on arrival, you must contact us immediately or the 24 hour emergency number on your hotel voucher, or your resort representative. This allows us to try and rectify the situation and allow you to enjoy the rest of your holiday. Unfortunately we are unable to do so when you return. If you do feel it necessary to make a formal complaint on return, we will require full details from you in writing with 07 days on your return. All complaints are treated in the strictest of confidence and professionally according to our code of practice and are taken very seriously. We ask that you allow us 28 days to action the complaint and reply back to you.